We were initially attracted to PIS Technology on price and were really impressed with the quality of the equipment PIS provided. In an industry that cannot afford downtime the PIS team also provide fast and excellent after-sales service. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are our supplier of choice for destination signs.

Allen Wu - Operation Manager

PIS CCTV is a no brainier for every operator. It’s fantastic value and has repaid our investment several times over. We would be lost without it.

Steve Fan - CEO

The system works very well covers passengers avoids bogus claims, which happened to be why I started with CCTV, since I install the system it has foiled 10 claims internal and external in the last two years alone. Drivers initially hated the idea but after it helped in a couple in their defence they are now more than pleased to be covered. With PIS's excellent backup service, any vehicle operator these days would in my view be falling behind and leaving themselves wide open to bogus claims.

Jane Wong - Director