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SMD LED Destination Signs for Buses

- Ultra thin(25mm) and lightweight aluminum alloy enclosure
- Anti-vibration protection and high temperature resistance
- Automatic brightness control, visible under direct sunshine
- Multi-language supported: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc
- 3 years lifetime warranty and perfect customer service
- Available in a variety of sizes and colors (white, amber/ yellow, red) to fit your installation (front, side, rear, internal) and display needs


Our LED destination signs are built with latest SMT technology. The LED bus signs are ultra thin, lightweight and durable.

Brightness is automatically controlled according to cabinet condition, clearly visible day and night, energy saving.

Destinations information can be selected through the buttons on control unit and updated with USB flash drive. Easy and fast to operate.

1. Sizes: various sizes
2. LED color: amber, white, red
3. Language: English and regional language
4. Power supply: 12V/ 24V (10 – 36VDC)
5. Data communication: USB/ RS485
6. Viewing angle: 120 degree (H)
7. Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +75℃

Bus Destination Sign Generator
bus destination sign generator for free

Programming software is provided with all your destination sign for free.

Bus route and destination can be loaded into control unit via USB. Easy and fast to operate.

We can also pre-program your messages before delivery.

LED Destination Signs Control Unit

led destination signs control unit with lcd screen

Our control unit can control a number of LED destination signs each with its own or same destination information.

Wireless communication between controller and signs, avoid trouble-some cable connection. Routes files can be loaded through USB.

1. Static, scrolling message
2. One or two lines message (11, 13, 17 pixels signs)
3. Max up to 99 routes and 99 bus stations each route
4. Support multiple signs (front, side, rear, internal)
5. Wide working voltage: 24 V (8 – 40 VDC)
6. Temperature range: -20℃ – +70℃
7. Dimension: 132 x 67 x 28mm
8. Weight: 0.3kg

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