gps bus stop announcer with lcd screen

Automated Voice GPS Bus Stop Announcer

Automatically announce the bus stop name when bus is close to bus station. No human operation involved.


GPS bus stop announcer can improve passengers’ satisfaction and bus operators’ reputation. No human operation needed.

Automatically announces the bus stop name when bus is close to bus station.

The system also frees bus conductors and drivers from announcing stop names that allow them to focus more on their driving jobs.

This effectively increases their efficiency and results in a flawless bus stop announcement system fully driven by satellite based position information.

1. Support to insert public services message, advertisement, common message and other voice message
2. Support multi languages
3. Voice message can be edited easily through PC software
4. USB 2.0 interface high speed data transmission
5. Bus Inside/outside voice announcement for passengers
6. Over-speed alarm function
7. Support micro SD card up to 32GB
8. Store at least 100 routes (depends on memory capacity), max up to 2000 routes
9. Display route maximum to 255 LED destination signs (front, side, and rear) of a bus.
10. Capable of connecting to bus LCD advertising screen.

gps bus stop announcement work with led destination signs