About Us


A provider of innovative products for the transit industry, PIS Technology is a growing global company with office in Shenzhen, China. The company, aiming to provide to you the best of the public transport solutions, along with superior customer support and service, specialises in aftermarket passenger information equipment for the needs of the transport industry.

The company brings to you a wide range of products from interior and exterior LED destination signs, vehicle mobile DVR, rear view LCD monitor, back-up camera to a lot more. The company can provide you with products at par with the latest of technology, innovative in nature in design. Our unique products give you a USP’s (unique selling propositions) which will help you to gain more customers base. Every solution we provide you is of latest technology with upgraded features and improved quality made by our expert research and development team.

The members of our team bring to the table decades in experience in transport industry, along with the commitment to provide the highest quality of the product at as economical prices as possible. We work towards not only fulfilling all of our customer’s needs to their satisfaction, but towards exceeding the customer’s satisfaction. The company has over the years been providing quality product at really competitive prices, meeting the demands and requirements from different parts of the world. We strive to keep growing, forging ahead, and bringing you cutting-edge products and services.